Connecting to ABC

Connecting to ABC with LINK:

ABC is accessed through LINK, our simple-to-navigate work environment that organizes the information in an ABC file. LINK provides a secure automated connection to Warren & Selbert, separate windows for input, output and help, drop-down menus, and easy downloading of Excel™ and PDF output files. LINK runs on the Microsoft Windows™ operating systems and is available free to Warren & Selbert clients.

Connecting to ABC with an API:

ABC can also be accessed through an Application Programming Interface (API) to perform non-interactive ABC calculations/analysis.  The API supports HTTPS using an XML data format for input and output. The API is useful to companies that develop software residential solar platforms such as ModSolar. Please contact Warren & Selbert, LLC for information regarding API access.

LINK and API access provides our clients a number of benefits, including:

  • State of the art computer systems: All evaluations are run on Warren & Selbert’s computer systems built specifically for ABC and designed for high performance, reliability and availability.
  • Data Security and Availability: Data security is ensured through the use of redundant computers, RAID for file storage, and automated weekly and daily backups stored both on and off-site.  Secure access is implemented through individual security certificates and username/password authentication. In addition, all data is transmitted through an encrypted Internet connection via redundant ISP’s and network devices. Disaster recovery is built into our daily operation.
  • Multiple Users: ABC can be accessed simultaneously by many users authorized to use a single account, not limited to a single PC.  It is also possible to run multiple ABC sessions on one PC; convenient when comparing results from two different files.
  • Instant Support: Clients can receive assistance from our expert staff without first having to email or upload the file they are working on.
  • Automatic Updates: Warren & Selbert’s computer system always runs the most up-to-date version of ABC, so clients have instant access to the latest enhancements without needing to reinstall or update software themselves.