Fall 2015 Newsletter
ABC Updates

LINK Version 3.01
Please download the new version of LINK so you can benefit from the improved interface. Your underlying ABC files will be unchanged. Old versions of LINK (version 2.18 and older versions) will stop working in March 2016. To download LINK, go to https:s://www.warren-selbert.com/support/download-link.

PSHIP Flag Reorganization
The PSHIP Flags section has been reorganized with new divider titles and flag groupings. Note that the question numbers have changed as well, so be sure to check the PSHIP/Flags report for assistance with locating specific flags.

Partnership and Partner Sections in PSHIP Files
New PSHIP files now contain separate sections for partnership and partner questions. The partnership questions now reside in the new 'Partnership Assumptions' section. Similarly, investor and sponsor questions can now be found in separate streams of the new 'Partners' section.

Additional PROP Reports
The Purchase, Federal Depreciation, and State Depreciation Properties reports display summary details about each stream. To access these reports from the Assumptions window (F4), click on the section name in the navigation pane along the left side of the window, then click on the Reports drop down menu in the assumptions pane that appears to the right.

New PSHIP Flags
• Display Active Flags (Question 720.854): Use this flag to control whether the Summary report and the Results window (F6) display the active flags and their respective settings in the current file.
• Override Investor Non-Production 734 Depreciation Split (Question 720.456): Use this flag to specify allocation percentages for non-production additional capital depreciation.

Quarterly Tax Estimation Shortcut
The new Quarterly tax estimation shortcut spreads
tax estimates evenly across March, June, September, and December. Activate this mode by typing "QTR" in questions 11.4 and 13.4, or questions 701.403 and 701.503 for partnership files. This is useful for matching spreadsheets that assume the April tax payment is made in March.

Warren & Selbert Updates

Staff Departures
Jacob will leave Warren & Selbert for Israel in December 2015 and intends to pursue a Masters in Financial Engineering beginning Fall of 2016. Arthur left Warren & Selbert
at the end of October to pursue interests in the high-tech industry. We wish both of them well in their future endeavors.

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