Fall 2016 Newsletter
Multiple Investor Partnership Modeling in ABC
The PSHIP macro suite now allows modeling of cash and tax flows for syndicated partners and for secondary market sales of a partnership interest. To add a new partner, select Section 701 (Partners) » Click Stream Operations » Select Add a Partner

Share Weighting
For each investor partner, use the Partner Type Share Weight question (701.110) to determine how allocations and distributions are split among all investors.  Share weighting may be input as a percentage or a dollar amount, and PSHIP supports changing values over time.  Additionally, separate overrides are available for share weights of capital contributions, pre-tax cash, and taxable income.  Weighting questions are also located in each depreciation, fee, debt, and revenue stream present in a file, allowing even greater flexibility in structuring your transaction.

Partner 1:

Partner 3:

Group and Individual Reports
ABC reports have the option to run partner group reports in addition to individual partner reports. The following reports support the partner group option: CASH, TAX, CAPITAL, BASIS, ALLOC, IRR. These reports also support the individual partner options, as do the ACCOUNTING and LIABS reports. 

The PSHIP Capsule displays XIRR and split information for all additional partners.
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