Spring 2014 Newsletter
Warren & Selbert

Warren & Selbert at Infocast Solar 2014
Lee, Arthur, and Dana represented
the firm at our sponsor booth at 
the Infocast Solar conference in 
Rancho Bernardo, CA. 
Roughly 700 people attended the conference, where panelists and speakers presented a promising 
future for distributed solar.

UCLA Partnership Taxation Course for Warren & Selbert Associates
Jacob, Arthur, and Dana are currently taking a course on Partnership Taxation through the UCLA Extension Program. 
With their new expertise they 
will become more involved in development of the ABC 
Partnership model and be able to provide higher-level customer support.

Traveling W&S Staff
Erik Hellman went to the Philippines to visit family. He brought back many tamarinds.

Dana Iltis went to Israel through 
the Taglit Birthright program. 
Her favorite part of the trip was watching the sunrise at Masada.

Eric Seale went to Istanbul and all he brought back was a box of Turkish Delight candies.

ABC Updates

The PSHIP Liquidation Value Report allows ABC users to view the liquidation values that protect given investor and sponsor return requirements.

New PSHIP Buyout Features
New custom questions 1.630 through 1.639 allow users to specify a required buyout IRR for either partner. These questions can also be set to solve for a buyout date or buyout amount to achieve a specified return.  

ABC users can now run the PSHIP Accounting Report for both investor and sponsor buyout scenarios.

EBITDA Date Flexibility in SOLAR and WIND Files
EBITDA Dates custom question is now available in new SOLAR and WIND files. This question allows users to associate dates with their enumerated EBITDA amounts.

XIRR support in PTC/IRR and ATC/IRR
PTC/IRR and ATC/IRR now support XIRR. Useful for matching Excel files, this new feature allows users to view amortization-style proofs of pre-tax and after-tax XIRRs. 

Grant/ITC Pass-Through Option
When “Add Lessee Analysis” has been selected in the interview window for WIND and SOLAR files, users can now select the option to "Pass-Through Grant/ITC to Lessee”. This option allows the lessee to receive the specified tax incentive that would have otherwise been given to the lessor.

Lease/SLB and Buy/Retain Credit Options
In new LESSEE files, questions 3.503 and 4.503 allow users to specify
whether to include credits from particular depreciation streams in Lease/SLB and Buy/Retain scenarios.

Monthly Percent Taxable Amounts
New questions 6.6.12 and 5.9.12 allow users to specify percent 
taxable amounts on a monthly basis for revenue and loan streams.

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