Spring 2015 Newsletter
Warren & Selbert

SEIA Conference
Arthur and Dana traveled to New York City in February to attend the 2015 SEIA Finance and Tax conference. While in New York they also visited clients for on-site training using our ABC partnership and lease models. 

Infocast Conferences
This year we attended both the Infocast Wind conference and the Infocast Solar conference in San Diego.

Arthur attended the Wind Finance and Investment conference, while Lee, Eric, and Dana went to the well-attended Solar conference. 

With Warren & Selbert as a sponsor for the Solar conference, we were able to meet with clients at our marketing booth. Eric even won the Infocast raffle and went home with an Apple TV! He is very excited to now have access to HBOGo.

• New Hires
We are in the process of recruiting recent college graduates to join Dana, Jacob, and Arthur on the Associate team. So far we have met some great candidates from UCSB and other California universities. We are excited to be expanding!

ABC Updates

Additional User-Specified Financial Target in PSHIP
PSHIP can now target an additional IRR for a user-specified IRR date (1.641), type (1.643), and partner (1.644). This is useful for manipulating IRRs on dates other than the flip, buyout, or full-term dates.

New question 1.642 allows users to specify a desired value for the additional IRR. Based on user input in question 1.640, PSHIP can then solve for one of the following in order to achieve the user-specified IRR:
               - Tax Flip Cash Split                 
               - Tax Flip Taxable Income Split              
               - Equity Split                 
               - Cash Split                
               - Taxable Income Split               
               - Total Investment Amount

Customized Labeling for IRRs in PSHIP
Users can now specify custom labels for IRRs displayed in PSHIP/Summary and the PSHIP capsule. Labels for full-term, tax-flip, and additional IRRs are now defined in questions 1.617, 1.627, and 1.647, respectively. 

Partnership and Lease Dates Extended through 2238  
Partnership and lease files can now calculate cash flows extending through the year 2238. This ABC change allows clients to structure deals that extend longer than 100 years.

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