Spring 2016 Newsletter
ABC Updates

"DIFF" HTML Report
The DIFF utilities command has a new HTML formatting option. Type "diff -html <file1> <file2>" in the Utilities window to view the differences between two ABC files in an HTML report style window. With the click of a button, users can toggle between differences - no scrolling and searching necessary. Also provided is a color scheme that specifies the types of differences highlighted.

OPT/MAXPUR is a new ABC macro that solves for the maximum purchase price using linear optimization. OPT/MAXPUR is useful in cases where OPT/MAXCOST fails or doesn't result in the optimal cost.

HLBV Flags
New PSHIP flags make it possible to eliminate the adjustments for
deficit Capital Accounts and Minimum Gain in the HLBV waterfall report. These flags allow the user to make the accounting presentation consistent with the underlying LLC agreement. Use questions 720.727 and 720.728, respectively, to specify these options.

Tax Flip IRR Flag
When solving for the tax flip date in PSHIP, question 720.106 allows ABC to calculate an exact flip point within the month.

Additional Proration Mode for PSHIP Tax Flip Date
An additional option is available in question 720.152, which allows cash split proration on the tax flip date. When selected, the new "Cash and Tax Proration" option determines the proportional cash and tax allocation splits necessary to achieve the exact required yield on the tax flip date.

Partner Basis Step-Up Revenue Type
Users can now specify Partner Basis Step-Up as a revenue type in question 6.602. Revenue streams of this type reflect the cash and amortization impact of a secondary market acquisition of a partnership position.

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