Summer 2015 Newsletter
ABC Updates

ABC Has a New Look!
ABC's new file interface is more user-friendly, allowing users to jump between sections quickly. To switch to the new format, simply proceed as follows. Open an ABC file Click "File" Choose "Preferences Locate "Use New Style Window Select "Yes  Press F9 (Refresh)

LINK Version 3.00
The new version of LINK has an updated look that includes new default colors for the Input window, HTML capsules, and a new LINK icon. Among several new features are renamable tabs in the Results and Reports windows and a Replace command in the CALC window. To download the new version of LINK, go to

Warren & Selbert Updates

Team Expansion!
Our team has expanded again! Emilyn Dale, our newest addition, recently graduated from UCSB with a degree in Mathematics. Her primary responsibilities include customer support, marketing, and software development.

Upcoming Conferences
In September, Lee and Emilyn will be attending the 2015 Deloitte Alternative Energy Seminar in Houston, Texas. In addition Eric and Erik will be going to the Solar Power International conference in Anaheim, California. If you are attending either conference, let us know so we can plan to see you.

Eric is a Grandfather!
Eric's oldest daughter, Amy, gave birth to his first grandchild Ivy this past May. Congratulations, Eric!

A Round of ApPAWs for Erik
In February, after years of pressure from his children
to get a pet, Erik rescued Roscoe, a cocker spaniel and poodle mix. 

Jacob jumped out of an airplane at 13,000 feet in the air last month and landed safely after falling at 120 mph!

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