Summer 2016 Newsletter
Warren & Selbert

Solar Power International
In September, Lee and Emilyn are headed to Las Vegas for the
SPI conference. If you will be attending, let us know so we can meet with you.

Office News
After 26 years of working with us, Karen has retired! Most of you know her as the voice of Warren & Selbert. She joined our team in 1990, and has since been in charge of the overall office administration duties and staff support. Congratulations Karen, we will certainly miss you! 

Dana has left Warren & Selbert to attend University of California, Davis in the Fall where she will be pursuing her Master's Degree in Computer Science. We wish her the best of luck in her education and future career.

Our team has also expanded!

We have hired Raquel Chrestenson as our new administrative assistant. Prior to Warren & Selbert, Raquel worked for the Santa Barbara Superior Courts as a judicial assistant for ten years. Make sure to welcome her next time you call the office.

Ben Hartl and Luke Seale will be joining us in August. Ben recently graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Computer Science. Luke attended Princeton University and has been teaching in the engineering academy at a local high school for the past two years.

ABC Updates
IRR Flag for Event Date Compounding
PSHIP has a new flag that allows users to shift either the pre-tax cash flows or the equity investments onto the event dates for computing an IRR. This flag is useful for compounding on actual dates rather than at the end of each month. Use question 720.106 to access this feature.

New Editor Field Feature
We have incorporated a new feature in the multi-line editor field, which is used in question 19.3 and other questions. Type Ctrl + Space to access a list of CALC functions, macros, and variables containing a specified phrase or word.

For CALC functions and macros, it will provide the necessary parameters.

ABC Tips
Properties Reports
To quickly access the Properties reports for the purchases, revenues, fees, loans and depreciation sections, use the Reports drop down menu located in the top left corner of these sections.


Quick HELP Access
Click on the prompt for any ABC question to automatically bring up the HELP for that question.

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