Summer 2017 Newsletter

Tracking Partnership Models in ABC
ABC's partnership flip model can update forecast amounts with stream-by-stream and partner-level actuals.

Stream-by-Stream Actuals

Depreciation and Revenue sections now accept actuals for each stream.
  • Depreciation streams can be updated with actuals for Basis Reduction, ITC and Depreciation Amounts. 
  • Revenue streams can be updated with actuals for Revenue Amounts, Allocated Amounts and Taxable Revenue.

PSHIP accepts actual amounts for a single year, a single date, or a range of dates. 

The new PSHIP/Actuals report provides details of the adjustment streams for each actual input provided.

Partner-Level Actuals

For any partner, adjustments can be made to Cash Distributed, Taxable Income, and Tax Credits. 

The PSHIP/Actuals report also provides details on these adjustments.

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