Winter 2015 Newsletter
Warren & Selbert

We are very excited for Arthur who got engaged this past November.

Continuing Education
Dana and Jacob 
enrolled in computer science courses at our local community college for the upcoming semester.  Dana will be studying software engineering with UML and Java programming; and Jacob will be learning how to program in iOS.

PTC Extension
Congress passed a bill in December that retroactively extended the qualification for production tax credits through 2014. Under the new bill, only projects started before the end of 2014 are eligible for the credit.

Arthur will be going to the Infocast Wind Power Finance conference in San Diego next month.  Lee, Eric, and Dana will have a booth at the Infocast Solar Power Finance conference in San Diego in March.  Be sure to come by and say hello.

ABC Updates

New Split Features in PSHIP
Users can now switch between specified and default behavior in questions that split flows between investor and sponsor streams.  In any split question (eg. 6.701), type "x" to indicate the default split for that period.  This provides flexibility for users in specifying how they want splits to change over the course of their transaction.

Questions 3.6.4 and 4.6.4 now Supported in PSHIP

In partnership files, users can now specify the dates of the first allowable tax payments associated with depreciation streams.  This is useful for staged deliveries in a partnership where each purchase is treated as a new event for tax purposes.

New PSHIP Custom Question Flags
120.308 Mode for Minimum Gain Tax Basis:
Uses sum of capital accounts plus debt principal b
alance as tax basis for calculation of minimum gain.
120.617 Use Partnership Capital Account for Tax Basis in HLBV?:
Uses sum of partners' capital accounts as the tax b
asis in HLBV calculation of gain on liquidation.
120.682 Contributed Property Basis Reduction Mode:
Eliminates automatic scaling of b
asis reduction when there is contributed property.

ew CUST Macros
IMPORTSECTION and REMOVESECTION will quickly import or remove a custom section along with its custom questions.

Custom Flip Dates
New PSHIP questions, 1.608 and 1.609, allow the user to create and label custom flip dates for presentation in the capsule and the PSHIP/SUMMARY report.  These questions are useful for quick evaluation of the returns on a particular date, and also allow easier targeting of yields on dates that do not necessarily reflect a change in partnership sharing.

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