Optimal Solutions for Complex Transactions

ABC lease optimization software, our flagship product, is renowned for optimizing intricately structured financial transactions and comparing financial alternatives.  It supports many types of analysis, including leveraged and direct leases, partnerships, inverted leases, operating leases, lease versus buy, sell/lease back versus retain, project finance, debt and revenue optimization, securitization, and portfolio analysis.

ABC is used extensively for US transactions, and it supports many foreign tax regimes as well, including UK, Germany, France, Japan, and Australia.

As an optimization program, ABC can:

  • Optimize any user-defined objective
  • Optimize an unlimited number of variables and constraints
  • Optimize subject to custom constraints
  • Solve linear and non-linear problems
  • Optimize multiple scenarios simultaneously

Simple, yet powerful

ABC contains a built-in programming language called CALC, which enables users to formulate their own calculations, inputs, constraints, reports, charts, macros, and sensitivity analyses. Output can be easily exported as Excel™ and PDF files or pasted into other programs. It is designed to be both easy to use for the beginner and extremely powerful for the expert.

ABC runs on Warren & Selbert’s servers. This has a dual benefit that we can update the software instantly and that you can access ABC from anywhere in the world through the Internet. We have developed LINK, our custom communications software, to connect your PC to ABC.