ABC for Partnerships

ABC expertly models special allocation partnerships of many types, including the cash flip and tax flip, preferred return, and pay-go structures. Suitable for both utility-scale solar and wind projects, as well as commercial solar distributed generation, ABC allows for flexible distribution and allocation percentages, sponsor contribution of project property, selective inclusion of distinct projects into the joint venture, various sponsor and investor return measures, and comparative sponsor economics.

Designed for accuracy, flexibility, and speed, ABC’s partnership model offers multiple searching techniques. Clients can solve for the investor return, the mix of partner equity contribution (with or without debt), the earliest flip date, or the maximum project FMV. Additionally, ABC has a comprehensive set of reporting options, including capital accounts, outside basis, HLBV accounting, and XIRR detail proofs. Many of ABC’s standard reports can be used directly in the partnership model, and customized reports can easily be created to address specific client needs.