Connecting to ABC

Connecting to ABC with ABC Web:

ABC is available through a secure web browser connection on any computer (Windows or Mac), tablet or other device. ABC Web organizes the information and results of an ABC file in four tabs: Assumptions, Reports, CALC, and Utilities. Run installed macros and reports or choose from customized lists of favorites or recents. Sending reports to Excel™ and PDF files is easy.

Connecting to ABC with LINK:

ABC can also be accessed through LINK, our simple-to-navigate work environment that organizes the information in an ABC file. LINK provides a secure automated connection to Warren & Selbert, separate windows for input, output and help, drop-down menus, and easy downloading of Excel™ and PDF output files. LINK runs on the Microsoft Windows™ operating systems and is available free to Warren & Selbert clients.

Connecting to ABC with an API:

A third way to access ABC is through an Application Programming Interface (API) to perform non-interactive ABC calculations/analysis.  The API supports HTTPS using an XML data format for input and output. The API is useful for direct communication with ABC from custom platforms, websites or Excel™. Please contact Warren & Selbert, LLC for information regarding API access.

Web, LINK and API access provides our clients a number of benefits, including:

  • State of the art computer systems:All evaluations are run on Warren & Selbert’s computer systems built specifically for ABC and designed for high performance, reliability and availability.
  • Data Security and Availability:Data availability is ensured through the use of redundant computers, RAID for file storage, and automated weekly and daily backups stored both on and off-site.  Secure access is implemented through two-factor authentication. In addition, all data is transmitted through an encrypted Internet connection via redundant ISPs and network devices. Disaster recovery is built into our daily operation.
  • Multiple Users:ABC can be accessed simultaneously by many users authorized to use a single account, not limited to a single computer or device.  It is also possible to run multiple ABC sessions on one computer or device, which is convenient when comparing results from two different ABC files.
  • Instant Support:Clients can receive assistance from our expert staff without first having to email or upload the file they are working on.
  • Automatic Updates:Warren & Selbert’s computer system always runs the most up-to-date version of ABC, so clients have instant access to the latest enhancements without needing to reinstall or update software themselves.